Eighteen is a magic number under the law - it is the age of majority, where one is viewed as an adult under the law.  It is the age when many leave home for the first time for long periods of time at a college, university, or other schooling; or they may enlist in military service.  

By law, when a child reaches their 18th birthday, a parent's right to access medical and financial information ends quite abruptly.  It's difficult enough to think of the hazards of your child living on their own at that age.  It's even worse if your child is injured and you don't have the legal authority to receive information about his or her medical condition - without a child designating a parent, the parent has no legal authority to assert.  

The legal changes that occur at this age prove why planning isn't just about leaving assets after your death, but it takes on crucial meaning during life for making medical decisions, parents having access to medical and financial information, and medical providers having timely access to pertinent medical information.  We designed the College Student Care Package to address the special issues faced by families with kids who have turned 18.  Click the link below for more specific information and pricing.  

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